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{{Subst:Slh|94C7D1}} {{Subst:Sli|94C7D1}} {{Subst:Slc|94C7D1}} {{Subst:Sls|Biographical information|D6F0F5|hideb}} {{Subst:Sld|Homeworld|homeworld}} {{Subst:Sld|Born|birth}} {{Subst:Sld|Died|death}} {{Subst:Sls|Physical description|D6F0F5|hidep}} {{Subst:Sld|Species|species}} {{Subst:Sld|Gender|gender}} {{Subst:Sld|Height|height}} {{Subst:Sld|Hair color|hair}} {{Subst:Sld|Eye color|eyes}} {{Subst:Sld|Skin color|skin}} {{Subst:Sld|Cybernetics|cyber}} {{Subst:Sls|Chronological and political information|D6F0F5|hidec}} {{Subst:Sld|Era(s)|era}} {{Subst:Sld|Affiliation|affiliation}} {{Subst:Sld|Known masters|masters}} {{Subst:Sld|Known apprentices|apprentices}} {{Subst:Slf|94C7D1}}

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